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Efficient, Affordable Panic/Crash Bar Installation & Repair for Phoenix, AZ Offices

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Push and Panic Bars PhoenixInstalling panic hardware for all emergency exits not only satisfies the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirements but it also maintains safety and security in your business. We can help you gain and maintain that security.

602 Locksmith of Phoenix AZ offers comprehensive, 24/7 locksmith service in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Our licensed, bonded, and insured expert technicians offer both commercial locksmith and residential locksmith services to ensure that we meet and exceed all of our customers’ needs. Each of our lock technicians possesses 5+ years experience in the locksmith industry and as mobile locksmiths, provide fast and friendly service with a 30 min response time goal. When you work with us, you will find that we offer an honest business approach that will earn your trust and, in turn, give you a peace of mind. We provide you with quality work that keeps your business secure both from unlawful entry and in any panic exit situation.

What is Panic Hardware?

A panic system is a type of security device that is installed on doors to offer an emergency exit out of a commercial building. According to OSHA codes, all commercial buildings should maintain a clear path to clearly marked emergency exits in case of some form of emergency, typically fire. This hardware typically has a bar that is in front of the emergency door that customers or employees can simply press to open the door. The exterior of the door remains locked to ensure that nobody enters the building in a door that is out of the view of employees.

Our expert technicians will help you find the right system that will meet not only the regulations set forth by OSHA, but your budget and business needs as well.

The size of the bar will vary based on the type of door and the extent of security. There may be a small tab that sticks out of the door that you push to open the door or there could be a bar that extends the width of the door. These systems can be used on both singular doors and double doors. Our expert technicians will help you find the right system that will meet not only the regulations set forth by OSHA, but your budget and business needs as well.

Our Panic Hardware Systems

We excel in the installation, maintenance, and repair of panic hardware. We offer a broad range of systems that we will install for you based on your needs. For instance, if you own a retail shop that has emergency exits in the back of the building and you are concerned about shoplifters, we can add an alarm to the panic door that will activate whenever the door is opened. This will alert both you and the authorities of an unlawful exit out of your store, preventing shoplifting. Another safety feature of the alarm door is if there is an emergency and your employees do not have time to dial 911. The alarm will automatically notify the EMS bringing the proper authorities to your business and saving precious time and assets.

Our Service

Our technicians will come to your business and assess your current equipment and anything that might be missing from your emergency or panic exits. They will offer you up front pricing that will enable you to determine which product will work for your business. We provide you with the knowledge and understanding of all of our products. Even if you have the equipment already installed but you are unsure if it is working the way it should, we will come out and take a look at it for you and recommend repair or replacement, whichever is necessary. We strive to find you the right product without any unnecessary costs.

If your business is in need of new or updated panic hardware, contact us at 602 locksmith today. We offer you up front pricing combined with our 5+ years experience in the industry. Our 24×7 locksmith service ensures that you have our undivided attention anytime you need us. Contact us today to learn more about our complete locksmith service in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.


602 Locksmith – Excellent Panic Hardware Installation & Maintenance

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