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Mortise locks are an option for enhanced security for your home or office
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Comprehensive Mortise Lock Installation and Repair Services for Phoenix, AZ Residents

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mortise locks Phoenix602 Locksmith can meet all your lock-related needs. As a highly respected 24/7 locksmith service with 5+ years experience, we install and repair mortise locks in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities and address many lock-related issues that require the assistance of a professional locksmith. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured mobile locksmiths work in residential, commercial, and large institutional settings.

We resolve lock-related problems with fast and friendly, professional expertise. Our 30 min response to requests for service and upfront pricing allow us to provide a complete locksmith service. Our services include keyless entry and lock re-key; lockout assistance; lock installation, maintenance, and repair; high tech and Internet-connected locks, and Grade 1 locks. We can address many specialized issues, including the installation and repair of complicated mortise locks.

Residential Mortise Lock Installation and Repair

Recently, many homeowners have rediscovered the virtues of mortise locks, a secure type of metal door lock entirely covered by sturdy faceplates. This style of lock enjoyed widespread popularity a century ago. Its protective features have caused a resurgence of interest in its use as an external and interior door lock in recent years. The lock typically nestles within a faceplate that is then embedded within the door. This security feature offers better protection against lock picking. Generally, the services of a highly skilled locksmith are required to ensure its correct installation. Our expert technicians possess the training, equipment, and skills to upgrade your residence, garage, and storage sheds by adding this type of highly secure metal lock to the property. Two aspects of this particular type of specialized lock really stand out:

  • Security Features: In residential properties, mortise locks offer many excellent security safeguards for exterior doors including garage doors, because none of the mechanisms remains exposed. They also provide a great way to bolster the security of designated interior rooms, such as a home office or a storage room where you may have expensive equipment or other valuable personal possessions.
  • Decor Enhancement: Today, manufacturers produce these locks in an array of attractive nickel, chrome, and brass finishes. Mortise locks today offer a range of flexible decor features. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and may significantly improve the appearance of doors. They utilize a variety of surface faceplate textures and designs, too, ranging from ultra modern to contemporary to rustic to traditional. Many clients select mortise lock models for interior rooms in order to complement their existing decor motifs.

Commercial Security

Naturally, due to their strong security features, metal mortise locks also appeal to numerous business owners. Our company’s fully licensed, bonded, and insured technicians can install and repair these specialized locks in commercial settings.

  • 24/7 Service: As a 24/7 locksmith service, we possess the capacity to complete this work at any hour of the day or night. Sometimes, commercial customers prefer to schedule lock installation projects on doors in a way that will minimize customer inconvenience. Our company can help you meet those objectives.
  • Enhance Business Decor: Commercial owners also enjoy the same broad selection of lock finishes, surfaces, designs, and decor-enhancing styles, rendering these types of locks a valuable and attractive addition to commercial property.

Providing Value and Security

602 Locksmith takes great pride in offering Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities excellent value. With 5+ years experience, our company employs expert technicians who respond to requests for service in a fast and friendly, professional manner. With a 30 min response goal, we offer a complete locksmith service. We can service complicated, highly specialized door locks, such as mortise locks, but we also offer a wide array of other important locksmithing services too. Whether you seek assistance in resolving an accidental lockout from your vehicle, or complex high tech lock installations in a commercial building, we possess the high work ethic, inventory, tools, and personnel to meet your needs. Our mobile locksmiths always provide up front pricing. Clients appreciate our honest, dependable, high quality service!


602 Locksmith – The Mortise Lock Professionals in Phoenix, AZ

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