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Professional Installation & Repair of Magnetic Door Locks for Phoenix, AZ Businesses

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Electromagnetic door locks PhoenixWe, at 602 Locksmith, are proud to offer superior and complete locksmith service for commercial magnetic door locks. Serving Phoenix, AZ and all surrounding areas, we are especially proud of the fast and friendly response we offer our commercial customers.

With 5+ years’ experience, we are able to provide you with the latest magnetic door lock models and installation techniques at upfront pricing. When you choose us for your magnetic door lock needs, you will receive only the best locksmith service in Phoenix.

Our Magnet Door Lock Service

Magnetic door locks are an excellent solution for companies that are concerned about break-ins or other problems. A magnetic door lock is a locking device that contains an armature plate and an electromagnet. They can be either “fail secure” or “fail safe.” The preferred lock is “fail secure” since it will remain locked when power fails. We offer durable, best-in-the-industry locks to install and repair for your company. As a commercial locksmith, we offer expert technicians who are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our mobile locksmith provide a 30 min response time for any magnetic lock problem. Trust 602 Locksmith to install and repair all types of magnetic door locks for your place of business. Magnetic door locks offer any commercial business the extra security that is required in today’s society. It eliminates the need to depend on a key to enter the building. With a timer on the door lock, it will keep the door unlocked for 15 or 30 seconds, which allows a person to enter and have the door lock behind them. This makes it convenient for employees who are arriving to work prior to opening the doors of a business and discourages attempted break-ins by burglars.

A magnetic door lock is an excellent investment for any company, regardless of size.

We are happy to assess your commercial property by utilizing our years of experience regarding the installation of magnetic door locks. We will present an evaluation of your current system and assist you regarding magnetic door lock safety. We will then explain the various options available, which will allow you to maximize your current door lock situation.

A magnetic door lock is an excellent investment for any company, regardless of their size. This applies to new as well as previously established companies. It provides an insurance that your property is properly guarded against unauthorized access, as well as eliminating the need to use keys, which may be lost or stolen. There are various models of magnetic door locks available and it is important to install one that will control the different aspects of business supervision. This will include visitor management, preventing entry by an unauthorized person, control of employee access, and so forth.

Our up front pricing makes it possible for you to obtain the very best lock available and still stay within your budget. In addition, all locks are inspected to ensure the best quality control. This guarantees that our customers receive a magnetic door lock that is the very best brand. We provide installation and repair services, as well as assistance in the selection and purchase of the lock.

Advantages of Calling 602 Locksmith

As a 24/7 locksmith service, our mission is to provide excellent service for our customers. When calling us, you will receive immediate attention and no question will go unanswered. In addition, we assist our customers through the selection and purchasing procedure, thus assuring them of the best system design available. We have many satisfied customers in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas who have taken advantage of our complete locksmith service. We pass along our overhead savings to our customers with our upfront pricing, which makes it easy to obtain the magnetic door locks that are best for your business’ security needs. Give us a call today and allow us to describe the advantages of having a commercial magnetic door lock installed in your business.


602 Locksmith – Optimal Magnetic Door Lock Service for Businesses

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