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When Is It Time For Ignition Switch Repair or Replacement?

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Ignition Switch Repair PhoenixYour car’s ignition system is one of the components of your vehicle that you probably take the “magical thinking” approach towards. You just put that key into the ignition, turn it, and you’re off to wherever you’re planning to go. But what if it doesn’t work? Sometimes, the reason for the malfunction is a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system, which will require the services of a qualified technician. But often, the issue is the ignition switch itself and there could be multiple reasons for the issues you’re facing starting the vehicle.

It could be the position of the steering wheel. Dirt could have built up within the switch, or pins or tumblers within the switch could be badly worn or even broken. Or what if the problem is a damaged ignition key, which is now bent and trapped within the switch? Should you try to correct these problems by yourself or will you just make a possibly minor problem worse by attempting to do so?

Why You Need Professional Ignition Switch Assistance

Any type of ignition replacement is best not done by the inexperienced. Instead, you should contact 602 Locksmith. With 5+ years experience, up front pricing, and fast and friendly 24×7 locksmith service, we are the first choice for motorists in need of ignition replacement or repair. 602 Locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured, meaning that you don’t pay for the errors of others. And with our company, you don’t wait for hours after requesting assistance. 602 Locksmith guarantees a 30 min response time, and our expert technicians won’t make you wait for hours for a resolution to your problem once they arrive.

You’ll be getting an automotive locksmith, which means a pro in car key replacement and ignition repair/replacement.

We’re not just locksmiths; we’re mobile locksmiths, which means that we come equipped with the solutions for your problems. No leaving you hanging while we dash back to the shop or a store to look for “parts.” You’ll be getting a Phoenix automotive locksmith, which means a pro in car key replacement and ignition repair/replacement for both foreign and domestic vehicles. You’ll also be getting what you were promised at the price you were promised. Our up front payment policy means that you won’t be quoted one price for services and then actually charged another.

Ignition Repair Is Not A Simple Process

There are lots of locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, but not all of them are certified for ignition switch repair. Why? Gone are the days when some basic tools could correct your ignition switch repair blues. Technicians are no longer opening up and cleaning out ignition systems; they’re often having to re-program them. Yes, it’s true. Everything is digitized these days. Your entire vehicle is now a computer on wheels. Your car key no longer needs to be precisely cut; it needs to be programmed, not only to turn that ignition, but also to unlock doors as well, both manually and remotely. This involves replacing wafers within the key, which should not be attempted by a layman, as this can damage not only the locks but the vehicle’s ignition system, and the vehicle itself.

Use A Locksmith That’s Both Reliable And Knowledgeable

Our company offers complete locksmith service and with our 5+ years of experience, we know that ignition switch repair services don’t always conveniently happen in a crowded mall parking lot in broad daylight. That’s why our company offers a 24/7 locksmith service. We’ll come to you, whether you’re stuck in downtown Phoenix or the suburbs, meaning one less hassle after trouble happens.

Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

We all certainly hope that your vehicle will be a reliable friend that starts like magic for years. But when the steering wheel won’t turn, when that ignition won’t start, when the ignition key is mysteriously jammed, call the Phoenix, AZ area’s best locksmith company – 602 Locksmith. We are a complete locksmith service that offers up front pricing and fast and friendly service that works. Call us today and we’ll get you back on the road ASAP!


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