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Exploring the different components of garage door repair

Repairing a garage door can be quite tricky but sometimes if you apply the right technique, you can easily get it done, given the issue is a minor one and not a major failure. However, most of the times it is advised to get professional aid. But, if you would like to give it a go, before calling for help, here are some helpful DIY repair tips for garage door repair:

Check the metal tracks inside the garage door system


602 Locksmith Now Hiring Locksmith PhoenixIf your garage door is not working properly, the first step is to check the mounting brackets holding the tracks to the walls. This is applicable if you have an overhead garage door. Sometimes the brackets can get loose with time. In such cases, tightening the bolts or screwing at the brackets can help fix the issue.


At other times, you might need to examine the tracks and look for crimps, dents or flat spots. If you find any damaged areas, use a hammer with a block of scrap wood or try pounding them with rubber mallets. But remember, if the damage is extensive, you might need to get professional maintenance or even replacement for your garage doors.


In that scenario, call us at enter number or write to us at enter email for garage door repair and garage door installation services if you are in Texas and surrounding areas. 602 Locksmith will provide you with the best services.


  • Check and readjust the level and alignment of the tracks in the garage door system


The horizontal tracks of garage doors should remain at a slight slant towards the back of the garage for garage doors to function properly. Also, both tracks are supposed to be levelled at the same height on the garage walls for smooth functioning.


Try to loosen the screws and bolts holding the mounting brackets to level the tracks properly. Do not remove the screws and bolts entirely. However, if this doesn’t work or seems like too much work, worry not. We are just a call away. Contact us at our 24-hour helpline and one of our expert technicians will set an appointment with you. We are open round-the-clock Monday through Sunday.


  • Checking for loose hardware, and tightening as required


For swing-up garage doors, you need to check the plates where the spring is mounted to ensure the screws are tight. If you find any loose ends, try tightening them. For roll-up garage doors, check the hinges that hold the sections of the door together. Tightening any loose screws and replacing damaged hinges can fix small issues like sagging in the door or weird noises. But, if the damage is extensive, call the pros.


Go for professional garage door repair, garage door installation and locksmith services from 602 Locksmith in the TX area


Even the sturdiest models of garage doors can eventually bite the dust and sometimes need major repairs or even replacement. It might get overwhelming to decide on the right way to go about your garage door repair. Worry not, at 602 Locksmith we cater to your garage door installation as well as repair needs by providing round-the-clock emergency services and excellent customer support. We provide the best garage door repair, garage door installation and locksmith services in Texas and surrounding areas. Call us at enter number or write to us at enter email to know more about our services.


We do not have any hidden costs and we are totally transparent and open about our reasonable prices for the services we offer. We charge a fixed amount for Service Call and when it comes to additional cost estimates, we provide it beforehand based on the specific services required. You can enquire about price estimates online and check out our special promotions and discounts here.

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