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High Quality & Fast Service for Deadbolts in Phoenix, AZ

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deadbolt door locks Phoenix602 Locksmith is dedicated to offering high quality commercial and residential locksmith services as quickly as possible in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Our locksmith family is trained with over 5+ years experience in the locksmith industry. We are family-owned and offer upfront pricing for our range of complete locksmith services. We can handle emergency lockouts and repairs for automobiles, homes, and businesses, along with key making and replacement, safe cracking, window and gate locks, combo and padlocks, keyless entry, and other security and protection services for drivers, homeowners, and business owners.

Deadbolt Lock Services

Our deadbolt locks service will keep the bad folks out and the good folks in. Our expert technicians offer installation and repair services for businesses and homes in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. We are proud of our 24/7 locksmith service and 30 min response guarantee. Our locks are secure. We use the same high quality brands and metal for our customers that we use to protect our own homes and business. Some locksmith companies may offer a lesser quality product to their customers, but in our years of experience, we know that those lower quality locks won’t keep the bad guys out. We also understand the importance of expert installation. Even the highest quality lock will malfunction if not properly installed.

Deadbolts contain a rotating cylinder that can only be moved to the open position by the corresponding key. These locks are resistant to techniques that criminals use to pick or break locks, which is what makes them a popular choice among our customers. Additionally, these locks require only a small hole cut through the door to install, a task our technicians can complete quickly and easily using our professional locksmithing tools.

We care about our customers like we care about our own family. Our deadbolt locks and expert installation offer safety and security, the kind of protection our loved ones deserve.

Our Expert Technicians

Our highly trained mobile locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and insured. In other words, we are certified and experienced professional locksmiths. Our locksmiths are on the road and near you. We offer competitive, upfront pricing for installing and repairing deadbolt locksets. We do not mess around with our customers’ money or their trust. Our prices are fair market value. We will not charge outrageous prices for our services. We are interested in the safety of our customers and desire to be the go-to, trusted locksmiths in our area. What that means to us is offering expert, high quality locksmith service for a price that families and businesses can afford.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our complete, 24/7 locksmith service is fast and friendly at 602 Locksmith, responding within 30 minutes of a service call. Getting locked out of the house or your business is a huge inconvenience. Our customers do not have to wait long. We know and understand how busy our customers are. We also do not mind dealing with broken or malfunctioning deadbolt locks late at night to ease our customers’ stress caused by an insecure door at a home or business. We have high tech equipment and tools to quickly and correctly complete deadbolt lock installation and repairs. Our customers’ time is important to us. Our experts are trained with extensive experience and knowledge in the field. We will quickly resolve your needs. At 602 Locksmith, we have families and valuables too, and we understand the urgency and the need to protect them. That’s why our expert locksmiths are always available anytime, day or night, to the families and business professionals of Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

In today’s world, it’s tough to find a reliable, trustworthy business and staff who take a serious approach to their customers’ emergencies. Our customers’ worries are our worries too. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of family, business, and security. There’s a friendly family on the other end of the phone waiting to serve your family. Keeping your loved ones and business safe is our priority. We offer more than excellent locksmith service; we offer peace of mind.


602 Locksmith – Your Go-To Locksmith for Deadbolt Lock Installation and Repair

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